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The filled applicaton form has to be sent at the email address info@concorsoscuoleinmusica.it
not after Friday 3rd of April 2020

Click here to download the application form

Art. 1: 
The III International Music Prize of Verona "Laszlo Spezzaferri” is organized in order to promote the musical culture and draw young people to music study and development, and is organized in collaboration and with the high patronage of the Municipality of Verona and with the Patronage of the Italian Federation of the Clubs and Centers for the UNESCO.
The III International Music Prize of Verona "Laszlo Spezzaferri” is opened to the solo musicians of all the instruments and without age limit, opened to Italian and foreign applicants, and will take place from the 22nd to the 24th of May 2020 at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia of Verona in Piazza Brà n. 7

Art. 2: 
The III International Music Prize of Verona "Laszlo Spezzaferri” is opened to the solo musicians of all the instruments and without age limit.  
The program is free choice repertoire. 

Art. 3: 
The competition performances will be public and split up into 4 categories:
Cat. A - opened to musicians until 13 years old at the moment of the competition:
max. performance duration: 10 minutes 
Cat. B - opened to musicians from 14 to 17 years old at the moment of the competition:
max. performance duration: 15 minutes
Cat. C - opened to musicians from 18 to 22 years old at the moment of the competition:
max. performance duration: 20 minutes
Cat. D - opened to musicians from 23 years old without age limit:
max. performance duration: 25 minutes 

Art. 4: 
The judges, excellent reputation musicians/masters, will stop the performance in case of time limit overstepped and/or will not assign awards and scholarship in case they consider the competitors non-deserving.
Actions and decision of the judges are unquestionable and irrevocable.
Judges that tutored/taught one or more of the competitors during the previous two years are requested to abstain from participating to dealings/votes related to the nominated competitors performances; the occurrence should be clearly reported in the competition memorandum. At assignment, each judge will issue a declaration related to the mentioned teaching/tutorial activity with the competitors. 
In view of what above reported, the competitors are compelled to report in the application form the name of their teachers.

Art. 5: 
Competitors are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. 

Art. 6: 
Competitors will find the time table and convocation time of each category in the following website: www.concorsoscuoleinmusica.it. Competitors are expected to keep up-to-date referring to the following website: www.concorsoscuoleinmusica.it.

Art. 7: 
Admitted competitors will made available 1 identity card/document and 1 copy of the program works plan. 
Art Director reserves to admit latecomers as last competitors. 

Art. 8: 
Award ceremony of first, second, third classified competitors will take place at conclusion of each category performances. 
First absolute competitors are compelled to perform at the Award Galà on Sunday 24th of May 2020 at 19.00 at the Auditorium of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia of Verona.
Non-participation to Award Galà will entail the refusal of the rewards by the competitors.

Art. 9: 
The organization reserves the right of modify the competition announcement and/or possibly suppress one or more categories and/or sections in case of inadequate number of applicants. Only in this case the application fees will be reimbursed. 

Art. 10: 
The application to competition entail the unconditional acceptance of the rules/regulations of the present announcement. 

Absolute First Prize with the highest score will receive the price cup, diploma and the scholarships reported here below: 
Cat. A: 300 Euro
Cat. B: 500 Euro
Cat. C: 650 Euro
Cat. D: 800 Euro

Absolute First Prize (with scoring from 98/100 to 100/100): cup and diploma
First prize (with scoring from 95/100 to 97/100): cup and diploma
Second prize (with scoring from 90/100 to 94/ 100): cup and diploma 
Third prize (with scoring from 85/100 to 89/100): cup and diploma
All remaining competitors will receive the diploma/certificate of attendance. 

Free download application forms are available on website: www.concorsoscuoleinmusica.it
The application form filled in its entirety should be e-mailed to: info@concorsoscuoleinmusica.it
Deadline: Friday 3rd of April 2020.
Application fees: 
CAT. A: € 50,00
CAT. B: € 60,00
CAT. C: € 70,00
CAT. D: € 80,00
The organization offers the possibility to book the piano accompanist of the competition upon the payment of and extra fee of 40 Euro.

Bank Transfer to:
Associazione Culturale “Talent Music School”
Via Antonio Salieri, 32
37060 - Nogarole Rocca (VR)

Bank details: BANCO BPM
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 10
37051 - Bovolone (Verona)
IBAN: IT69L0503459290000000001147